Member Spotlight

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Brooke Beck


I love food!  In college I took an Introduction to Nutrition Class and found out that you can make a career out of nutrition and I said sign me up!  Read more.


Ginger H. Carney


My grandmother and her sister influenced me when I was in high school.  They had worked in the "Dietary" Department at a hospital in New Orleans where they lived, and told me I needed to be a Registered Dietitian.  Read more.


Christy Davis


I was actually a pre-nursing major and was taking pathophysiology as my final course before I started nursing school.  During the class, I noticed that every single disease and condition had a nutrition component: it could be prevented AND treated with nutrition.  That is when I realized I wanted to be a dietitian and share nutrition with others.  Read more.

Deborah L. Davis


I relocated to Cleveland and had a wonderful experience working with Veterans during my internship at the VA there. My Grandfather is a 94 year old WWII Veteran so I felt that most days at work were like spending some quality time with my Grandpa.  Read more.



Suzanne E. Emery

Dietetic Intern

On my fifth birthday, my mom made a gluten-free Barney cake for me.  I had a wheat allergy which made preparing my meals a lesson in using her creativity.  Rather than seeing this allergy as an obstacle which made me different from the other children, we found solutions that allowed me to participate with everyone else. Read more.


Sara R. Foley


The most interesting part about my job/career is there are so many opportunities in this field – you can be clinical and work in the inpatient setting, or be an outpatient dietitian providing education to patients to better their lifestyle, or work in food service.  Read more.


Ann H. Geissler


I read a book by Adelle Davis in high school, Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit, which I later realized was really pop science. However, she made nutrition sound very interesting.  Read more.


Eddie D. Han

University of Memphis, Dietetic Intern

In 2009, Dr. G and I traveled to Shanghai, China to perform several swim clinics for the Shanghai National swim team at their training base.  It was there that my boss presented on the topic of “Nutrition” and its importance. Read more.

Laura Hilliard

What I love about my job is the diversity of the residents.  Working with different diagnoses and mental and physical capacities help me stay current with different nutrition therapies.  Read more. 


Madison J. Jones

Dietetic Intern

I have a heart for the people of Haiti which stems from the awful earthquake which damaged the country in 2010 and from my 3 week trip in Haiti 6 months after the earthquake.  Read more.


Casey L. Katz


I love being active. And when I say active, I mean training and competing like a crazy lady! Running is my favorite sport of all. I have completed 28 half marathons, 3 full marathons, multiple 5k/10k races, with 1 full marathon and 1 half planned for the other half of 2012. Read more.


Kelly N. Leska

Dietetic Intern

I have been a Type 1 Diabetic since I was 5 years old, and the positive experienced I have had throughout my life thanks to my diabetic educators and other members of the healthcare team have given me an internal enthusiasm for healthcare, and more specifically diabetes care.  Read more.


Dianne K. Polly


My original goal was to combine Nutrition with law and be an advocate for healthier foods. Read more.

Patricia Prince-Griffin


I was torn between going to medical school and culinary school and found nutrition fit perfectly. Read more.


Jacqueline Roos


I have several family members with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes.  When I learned that there was a field where I could work to improve the health of others through nutrition and lifestyle I was immediately intrigued.  Read more.


Mary Catherine Schallert


I function as a primary member of the Nutrition Support Team and cover the Medical, Surgical and Cardiac ICUs. In addition, I also cover a general med/surg floor. One of my favorite aspects of my job is serving as a preceptor for both U of M and VA Dietetic Interns.  Read more.

Sarah H. Sullivan


As a graduate student, I had an opportunity to cook for the metabolic camp at Emory that occurs each summer for young adult females with PKU and MSUD. Read more.


Perrin LeAnne Tamblyn

CLC, Dietetic Intern and M.S. in Clinical Nutrition student at the University of Memphis

I worked at a summer camp for people with special needs during high school and college. My experiences there led me to speech pathology, but I soon found that career was not quite fitting for my personality. I was very interested in swallowing disorders and nutrition... Read more.


Olivia M. Wagoner

Dietetic Intern

I have been trying to start up my blog and write more frequently.  Check out my blog:  Read more.

Suzanne Wheeler


I have served as past President of the Memphis ASPEN Chapter and currently am a member of this group as well.  I am married with a 4 year old little girl and love spending time with my family.  Read more.   

Cathy Welsh 


After a long career with several ‘flavors’ of clinical dietetics (Clinical Nutrition Management, Obesity Program Manager, etc.), I decided to earn a degree in information systems so I could work full-time in the field. Read more.

Ruth Williams-Hooker


I was majoring in Home Ec and took a nutrition class.  I loved the WIC idea and that got me interested in Nutrition.  Read more.