Suzanne E. Emery

Suzanne E. Emery, Dietetic Intern

How long have you been a member of MAND?

I have been a member of MDDA since August 2011 when I moved to Memphis to begin my internship at the VA Medical Center.

Why did you join MAND? 

I joined MDDA so that I could stay informed with what is happening in the field of nutrition and dietetics at the local and national level.  MDDA provides a way for networking and professional growth and development by working together with other dietetics professionals with different backgrounds and strengths.

How has membership in MAND been of value to you and your practice?

Membership in MDDA has provided me with opportunities to attend webinars, learn from speakers, and stay informed on new legislation.  The field of nutrition is constantly changing, so these continuing education opportunities are an excellent way to stay updated!

Tell us about yourself, your job, and what you find most interesting about your job.

I am a Tennessee native who moved to Birmingham, AL for four years while I worked on my bachelors degree in nutrition and dietetics at Samford University.  I am currently working as a dietetic intern at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Memphis, TN.  I love getting to serve our nation’s heroes while encouraging them to make changes with their dietary choices.  It is very rewarding to see positive outcomes as a result of medical nutrition therapy.

How did you get into this field?

I first learned about dietetics as a profession from my aunt who is a registered dietitian.  While visiting her one
summer, I got the opportunity to sit in on a college-level class that she was teaching.  She is someone that I admire and want to emulate, so I asked her about how I could pursue dietetics as a career. 


On my fifth birthday, my mom made a gluten-free Barney cake for me.  I had a wheat allergy which made preparing my meals a lesson in using her creativity.  Rather than seeing this allergy as an obstacle which made me different from the other children, we found solutions that allowed me to participate with everyone else.   This allergy sparked an interest in me for reading ingredient lists, examining nutrition facts, and experimenting with new
foods.  Eventually, this led to a passion for nutrition which I realized could be channeled into a career as a registered dietitian.  I am currently a dietetic intern at the VAMC in Memphis, TN which is preparing me for my career as a clinical dietitian.

Please list a few of your most recent accomplishments.

My most recent accomplishments are graduating with honors from Samford University in Birmingham, AL and being accepted into the dietetic internship at the VA Medical Center in Memphis, TN.  I was a member of the Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society at Samford University.

During my senior year, I was selected to be a part of a team of four nutrition students to develop educational materials for the Samford women’s basketball team to help them improve their eating habits while working around a demanding schedule.   As a student instructor for the weekly Winning Loser weight loss initiative at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham, I taught a class of approximately 50 adults about interpreting food labels so that they could be smarter shoppers.

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“The Daunting Freshman 15”, The Samford Crimson, September 8, 2010

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