Public Policy and Legislative Updates

Interested in Getting Involved in MAND Public Policy?

Did you know that:

  1. Tennessee has 16 state representatives
  2. In our district, we have 6 state senators
  3. Many of these representatives have no idea what a dietitian does or the education required to become a dietitian
  4. Many legislators that are aware of the role of dietitians mistakenly believe that our services are routinely covered by health insurance

The MAND public policy and legislative committee wants to get the word out about our profession and how we can help improve the health of Tennesseans. That starts with educating our legislators and making dietitians known as the nutrition experts. MAND members are needed in this project - varying levels of participation is needed so please contact Christy Davis if you are interested!

Public Policy Update:
Please click on the Following link below to support the following Acts:

Treat and Reduce Obesity Act (our state only has 4.6% participation rate)
Preventing Diabetes in Medicare Act (our state only has a 4.7% participation rate)


TAND Hill Day 2016 will be March 21-22, 2016 this is a Monday-Tuesday
Location: To Be Announced

TAND Hill Day 2015